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Mercado Prados de Coyoacán

The Mercado Prados de Coyoacán is known too as the Mercado 312. It’s one of those rare markets that disguises one of its street-side façades so it appears as a series of store-fronts. Beyond those few store fronts on the Canal de Miramontes, you’ll find the giant indoor market similar to many others in Coyoacán.

The market serves primarily the Prados neighborhood. Though patrons are just as likely to arrive from the Espartaco neighborhood to the south or Avante in the north. Prados recalls the area’s long history as grazing land for the giant Coapa Hacienda. It was only subdivided in the early 20th century. Curiously, that left the Prados as one of the only non-contiguous, two-part colonias anywhere in Mexico City. (See the map.)

In the 1960s that the old canal was intubated. The market dates from around the same time. With the new avenue of the same name, the giant Zapamundi shopping center opened within a few years. The avenue has been landscaped since then. Today it’s a lot more tranquil than for much of its history.

The Mercado Prados de Coyoacán is also a great place for lunch. Among the many merchants, restaurateurs are preparing ready-cooked meals. Comida corrida and the menu del día are lifesavers for travelers who’ve done too much street food and airport eating. Prices are the best in the City, and you can pick fruit for the road, too.

How to get here
  • Av. Canal de Miramontes 2537-A, Coapa, Col. Prados de Coyoacán, Alc. Coyoacán, 04460 CDMX


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