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Coyoacán Public Markets

Coyoacán's Central Market is rightfully famous throughout the country. This is partly due to its proximity to the Frida Kahlo Museum. But all around the greater alcaldía of Coyoacán are markets of all kinds. Some specialize in fish, or household products. But each one is unique and offers a special insight into its community. You'll also see what people want and need on a daily basis.

Instead of industrially processed foods, you'll find much healthier alternatives. Produce arrives every day. So when you eat at the market, you're getting fresher, healthier food, and for a lot less money. But you're also supporting small businesses and independent farmers.

Each of these markets houses restaurants too: antojerías, comida corridas and the fondas that keep Mexico City residents coming back. They're usually too small to be called restaurants. But they're often in the hands of women, always offer better food, and sometimes elevate daily eating to an art form. It's often lovingly prepared for a local public. (Some people even eat at the market every day).

Each Mercado Público in Coyoacán is as colorful and lively as the neighborhood it serves. You'll be welcomed at each of them, and many will make for the highlight of your trip.

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