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Mercado Avante, Coyoacán

The Mercado Avante puts about 100 merchants under the same roof in the neighborhood of the same name in Coyoacán. A relatively small market, even by Coyoacán standards, this one is beloved by residents of the area. Regulars will travel from the surrounding neighborhoods of Emilano Zapata, Prados de Coyoacán, and Los Cipreses. The market opened in 1964 during the heyday of Mexico City public market building.

The market is a few minutes walk from the La Virgen station on the Xochimilco Light Rail. It’s even closer to the Sargento Pedraza Park. The park and the market combined serve as something of a neighborhood center for the illustrious Avante area. It’s famous for having been the site of the early 20th-century twilight of the Hacienda Coapa, where real estate speculation let the former hacienda owners cash in for one final splash. The name “Coapa” still shows up in many of the area’s addresses.

Today the market is home to a number of smaller restaurants and lunch counters. Travelers can take a break from street food and still eat well without giving in to fake restaurant food. There’s good reason to try the food in the market too. Lunches are more affordable. Food served is constantly fresh. And you’re supporting smaller businesses and even farmers. Residents of the area have always been proud of the Mercado Avante. Stop in and you’ll see why.

How to get here
  • Av. Parque, Col. Avante, Alc. Coyoacán, 04460 CDMX


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