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Mercado Ampliación Tepepan

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How to get here
  • Calle Bufalaga, Ampliación Tepepan, Xochimilco, 16029 CDMX


Pueblo Tepepan, Xochimilco

Nearest at 0.80 kms.

Teatro Carlos Pellicer

Nearest at 0.86 kms.

CERRADO Dolores Olmedo Museum

Nearest at 0.88 kms.

Church of Santa María Tepepan

Nearest at 0.89 kms.

Casa de la Cultura "Luis Spota"

Nearest at 0.96 kms.


Mercado Tulyehualco

A permanent home for at least some of Tulyehualco's famous festival vendors...

Mercado San Gregorio Atlapulco

Atlapulco's farm-fresh market is practically on the chinampas...

Mercado de Xochimilco

A teeming hive of commerce, culture, and food, it's a spectacular place for lunch and more.

Mercado de Santa Cruz Acalpixca

The thriving center of one of Xochimilco's ancient original villages.

Cuemanco Plant and Flower Market

A most spellbinding exhibition of plants and flowers, the Cuemanco Market is wide open and always worth popping in.

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