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Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre Monument

The Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre Monument is the first of the monuments along Paseo de la Reforma after the Petróleos fountain. That’s to say, these monuments adorn the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood rather than the more prominent stretch of Reforma to the east. The intersection here, although not a giant traffic circle, nevertheless is often referred to as the Glorieta Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre.

In Mexico City, Mariscal, the Marshall Sucre, is far more often associated with the park bearing his name in the Del Valle neighborhood.

  • Mariscal Antonio José Francisco de Sucre y Alcalá (1795-1830) was a Venezuelan independence leader who worked closely with Simón Bolívar and later served as President of Peru and second President of Bolivia. His assassination in 1830 would shake at least five countries in South America for a decade thereafter.

The statue we see today is a replica of a 1922 work by the Venezuelan sculptor, Lorenzo Gonzalez. Today, a first bronze cast, poured in Paris, stands prominently in the Plaza Sucre in the Catia sector within the Sucre Parish in Caracas, Venezuela. Gonzalez also created a series of historically themed bronze works at that time. A statue of General José Antonio Páez stands in Maracay. A monument to Ricaurte adorns San Mateo and a monument to Francisco de Miranda stands in Valmy in the south of France. All are in Venezuela.

This replica was likely cast in 1981 at the same time as one now standing in the Parque Dorado Mariscal Sucre in Guama, Yaracuy, some four hours west of Caracas.

How to get here
  • Av. P.º de la Reforma, esq Av. Explanada, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec III Secc, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo, 11000 CDMX


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