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Jardín Juárez / Jardín Morelos, Xochimilco


The Jardín Juárez is the wooded and planted part of the giant Xochimilco plaza. It’s all part of the former atrium of the Xochimilco cathedral at the plaza’s eastern edge. As the Xochimilco government buildings are also nearby, the entire area also gets referred to as the Xochimilco esplanade, too. To the south is prominent Xochimilco clocktower. And further south still, is the giant complex of the Xochimilco market.

The garden here is home to the classic kiosk, familiar in so many Mexican towns as well as to numerous monuments and public sculptures. The park also constitutes the northern limit of the central plaza area. The Barrio El Rosario continues another block or so to the north.

This is the central starting point for most trips to Xochimilco. It’s a common meeting for groups. Those setting out for the boat launches can most of them from here. But setting off for the almost ridiculously quaint central neighborhoods is a good idea too.

On hot days, the Jardín Juárez offers some considerable comfort. That’s especially true if you’re spending any time on the giant plaza or coming back from a long canal trip. It’s as pleasant and enchanting as any point in the center of Xochimilco.

How to get here
  • Barrio El Rosario, Xochimilco, 16070 CDMX


Plaza Central de Xochimilco

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Biblioteca Quetzalcóatl

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Clock Tower of Xochimilco

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Templo Diana

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Xochimilco También es Puerto

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