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Puente de Urrutia

The Embarcadero Puente de Urrutia is one of the leading ecological and nature-tour operators in Xochimilco. In fact, operators from here will take you to many further and less crowded canals. Tours offer all the same services as from other boat launch sites, but this one is much more natural and even rural.

You can choose from four different very well-planned tours:

• 2.5 Hours – Axolotl Route: Tours of the agricultural areas and axolotl amphibian conservation sites.
• 3 Hours – Quilastli Route: Focused on flower growing areas, ecological reserve and bird watching.
• 4 Hours – Island of the Dolls. This is the most complete tour, covering all of the above plus the famous Isla de las Muñecas.
• Early mornings – Wake-Up Bird Watching: Departing between 6 and 6:30 a.m., a tour dedicated just to birds, nature, and photography.

The Urritia Bridge area is a lot more rural, and seemingly wild. It’s only about 16 minutes in a taxi from the Xochimilco Light Rail Station. On the far side of the Caltongo neighborhood, the old Urritia estate is tenchnically in the Pueblo San Gregorio Atlapulco. Visitors get a good idea of the intense mix of agriculture with what is still, after all, Mexico City.

Boat launch operators at Embarcadero Puente de Urrutia also run overnight camps, and are deeply involved in much of the area’s cultural and ecological conservation, you can’t get much more of an expert in the region.

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