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UNAM Geophysics Museum (Museo de Geofísica)


The UNAM Geophysics Museum resulted from the historical collection of the National Seismological Service. The museum is housed in the central offices that were located here in 1904. The Service’s mission is to monitor seismic activity in Mexico. The office and two pavilions were built expressly for seismographs used to monitor earthquake activity across the country.

The network of seismographic sensors used to be under the auspices of the National Geological Institute. In 1929, the Seismological Service became part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Since 1948, it’s been a part of the Institute of Geophysics.

The Geophysics Museum is a historical collection of scientific equipment. The museum’s mission is to tell the long history, 120+ years, of scientifically monitoring the country’s situation. Visitors learn not just the history, but how present scientists work to better understand natural phenomena. Visitors see the equipment: seismographs, surveying instruments, and learn the story of the people who used them.

As a part of the UNAM network of museums, this one shares in the broad mission of sharing scientific and cultural knowledge with the general public. Don’t be surprised if groups of students are present should you visit.

  • Seven of the seismographs in the collection still operate. They are likely the oldest continuously operating seismographic system in the Americas.
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