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Casa de Santa Anna / Hacienda de San Fernando

Santa Ana House Hacienda San Fernando Tlalpan
Photo Courtesy of the Coapa Community Facebook Page

The old Hacienda de San Fernando is one of the only 18th-century farms that comes to us essentially unaltered (on the outside). The site of important 19th-century historical events too, it occupies a special place in the Historic Center of Tlalpan.

Construction on the site is belived to have begun in the 17th century. The Colonial-style façade still bears a niche with the Virgin of Guadalupe above the intersection.

The home is most famous for having been the frequent host to General and then President Santa Anna. Prior to him, the  Duchess of Albuquerque is also know to have visited during the reign of the second Count of Revillagigedo. The feast of Saint Augustine, (i.e.; San Agustín de las Cuevas) was locally celebrated with some fervor. And that’s known to have been a big draw.  The hacienda hosted frequent cockfights, and the former president had a well-known penchant for gambling.

The Hacienda house was at various times an asylum for nuns, and a computer center, as well as the administrative headquarters for a vast agricultural enterprise. Today, it’s a popular, privately owned events venue, especially for weddings. Very little of the interior is preserved with any degree of historical accuracy.

One can’t miss the Hacienda de San Fernando when strolling the Tlalpan Center. It’s one of many walled and garrisoned old buildings. If you’re lucky, you may get a glimpse inside.


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