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Casa de la Cultura “Luis Spota”

The Casa de la Cultura Luis Spota is among the leading cultural centers in western Xochimilco. Maintaining a major exhbition schedule, the Casa is also well-known for frequent performances, especially as these relate to their ongoing lectures and workshops. The Casa name honors the well-known writer, sports commentator, and screenwriter, Luis Spota.

  • Luis Spota was Luis Mario Cayetano Spota Saavedra Ruotti Castañares (1925—1985), a writer, journalist, boxing official and film director. The son of an Italian immigrant, a nanny of Otomí origin raised Spota. She may have relayed stories and legends when he was a young child. But Spota left home as a teenager due to economic troubles. Self-taught, he became a highly successful writer and journalist, the author of more than 30 books. He peopled his stories with the customers he met while waiting tables at the Regis café. Passionate about boxing, he was later founding president of the World Boxing Council.

In Santa María Tepepanthe center is a major force for neighborhood education and well-being. One of the 14 original settlements in Xochimilco, the community is already recognized for its ancient roots. Events and workshops often explore these themes. The Casa also holds workshops, classes, and functions related to the civic life of the community.

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Church of Santa María Tepepan

Nearest at 0.25 kms.

Pueblo Tepepan, Xochimilco

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Tepepan Light Rail

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