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Santo Domingo Area

The Plaza de Santo Domingo area surrounds a classic city square in the northwest of the Centro Histórico. It's a long-time center for the city's stationers and smaller print shops. The "Plaza 23 de Mayo," though seldom referred by that name, is that section of the Santo Domingo Plaza directly in front of the temple, and separated from Santo Domingo Plaza, proper, by the Calle Belisario Domínguez.

The square is believed to be the site of the former home of Cuauhtémoc who had become tlatoani (i.e.; the last Aztec emperor) at about age 25, in 1520. The Spanish re-assigned the site, empty of any construction, to the Dominicans, who built the Temple of Santo Domingo on the north side of the square. Many buildings in the immediate vicinity share the New Spanish Baroque style. Besides the Temple of Santo Domingo, visitors can also see a lot in the surrounding neighborhood.

The listings below are intended to make your visit to the Santo Domingo area a little more informative, and should help you to get more out of the surrounding streets and alleys.

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