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San Rafael / SMLR Galleries

San Rafael / SMLR Galleries, those in the ultra-hip neighborhoods of San Rafael and Santa Maria La Ribera, are the newest, youngest, and often the most alternative.

They're already chic digs, but check this. The neighborhood is actually populated by some of the most established art world personalities. You will find some who are spay-painting the walls, too. But in some large measure, the San Rafael / SMLR galleries that are making the most of their moment of fame are those who'd already been around the block in other parts of the city.

On Gallery Weekend, or nearly year-round, these are some of the most important to watch. And if the art's still not to your taste, both neighborhoods offer plenty that's spectacular in a walkable neighborhood, too! Think restaurants, nightlife, quirky cultural centers, and plenty to make you think about moving in.

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