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History Museums

The History Museums of Mexico City are among the most prolific. After museums dedicated to art, they're also among the most popular. You will find just about every variety, from the stoic and the reserved to those offering new and experimental interpretations of how we learn of the past.

For a site like this one, the intention is far more to let you quickly find all those institutions most readily offering what you're looking for. International visitors very often arrive to Mexico City only to then realize that a true understanding of a people and their culture takes a little doing.

While we all get here with a vague ideas of Benito Juárez and Moctezuma, visiting the City where they became great requires a little more patience, and some great institutions.

As the capital of the Mexican Republic, Mexico City is also home to the National Institute of Anthropology and History. They run some of the most important museums in the City. Among them is the National Anthropology Museum, but that's just a start.

After the big players, then there are a whole range of smaller and more specialized institutions. The National University, UNAM, also runs a whole network of museums intended to solidify relations with the public, and including the international community. Many of these history museums are open to the public, and all of them will give you a better idea of the City, its people, and their past.

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