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Alt-Travel Highlights

Mexico City may well be the grand-dame of Alt-Travel destinations. Make no mistake, you're not alone in wanting to get more out of the city. And there is a lot to be gotten.

From neighborhoods and locals-only points, to public markets and even rural villages and farms, it's all still Mexico City. There are national parks, and forests, canals, and forgotten valleys.

The listings below are intended to guide you to some of the best spots and to give a little background on just what you're looking at. If you're  reading this, you're probably already prepared to strike out on your own. Check the map, and check back here if you do get lost. That's one of the pleasures of it. Mexico City is a big, exciting place with lots of little fascinating details.

We know you want to see and experience all of it, and this is as good a place as any to get started. Let the Alt-Travel Highlights begin.

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