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Xochicalco Archaeological Site

Getting there: 

Visitors arrive to Xochicalco via the Mexico-Acapulco highway, #95. The exit is to Alpuyeca. The site is 12 kilometers in the direction of Miacatlán. The site is four kilometers after the turnoff.

Hours: Daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Museum closes daily at 5 p.m.)


Gran Basamento Mexica

Two windows along Argentina Street offer glimpses into the City's ancient past . . .

National Museum of the Interventions - Churubusco Monastery

Not just the Museum of the Interventions and a fascinating military history, it's a fascinating monastery too.

Los Reyes-La Paz Archaeological Site

A little-known pyramid on the outskirts of Mexico City...

San Pedro Laundry, Aztahuacan

A startling glimpse into Iztapalapa's deepest past...

Templo de Santa María Aztahuacán

The church we see today originated in the 18th century.

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