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Saenger Galería

Archivo Colectivo
Photo courtesy of Archivo Colectivo

The Saenger Galería is a surprisingly energetic exhibition space. It began as a project of the publishing house, Saenger Editores. But their considerable success in mining their own archives led to increasingly formidable exhibitions. Today, they do just as much consulting on collecting and art purchases and the results are obvious. Exhibitions are frequently the talk of the neighborhood.

Perhaps most surprising for an organization that seems and acts so young, the focus has been nearly entirely on old-fashioned painting! But there’s nothing old fashioned in what’s hanging.

The exhibition schedule has been on energetic, younger, and vibrant painters. They also work to maintain the trajectories of the artists in their stable, thus adding value to works previously acquired by clients. And there aren’t just a few. The archive also works between artists, collectors, gallery owners, curators, museums, and other agents. Of course, their publishing background has meant some very good publications to accompany the show schedule.

The archive occupies a curious triangular building across Constituyentes from Chapultepec park. The block is shared with the prestigious Galería de Arte Mexicano and the Chapultepec campus of the Universidad de Valle. As a stopping point on any night out in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood, the Saenger Galería really can’t be beat.

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