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Galería Nina Menocal


The Galería Nina Menocal opened in 1990 by the gallerist of the same name. Originally on the one-block Calle Biarritz in Zona Rosa, NinArt was co-founded with Cuban exiled artist, Arturo Cuenca (1655-2021). The gallery became an important space for the Cuban artists of that generation. The space then operated under the current name in Roma Norte for some 23 years. Many of the artists she represented went on to strong international careers and worldwide renown.

Menocal came to be particularly well-regarded for representing other Cuban and Latin American artists. In 1991, she was the first to present works by Felix González Torres in Mexico. She’s often listed among the most prominent of Mexico City art dealers and gallerists, credited in many ways with having pioneered in the contemporary art scene we see flourishing today.

Today the gallery extends its work to include European artists among their Latin American peers. The exhibition hanging during the Gallery Weekend Mexico 2021 is to include some 13 artists of diverse backgrounds. Among these, several are of Mexican background.

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Recomendado por CANIRAC

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