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Embassy of Italy in Mexico City

The Embassy of Italy in Mexico City is the main diplomatic mission for the peninsula. Seeming non-descript from the street, the Embassy works closely with the Italian Cultural Institute in Coyoacán for most of the eye-catching aspects of Cultural Diplomacy. And these are significant. The two countries have had strong relations since the end of World War II.

The Italian Embassy has been in this residence since 1952. In Lomas de Chapultepec, you’ll get the more nuts-and-bolts consular services. Passports get renewed. Lost ones get replaced. The embassy also issues visas. Diplomatic relations between the two nations have been in place since 1874. The 20th century saw some significant interruptions but then, it was a rocky century for most countries.

Italy and Mexico have multiple bilateral agreements in addition to those between Mexico and the EU. In recent years, the two countries have cooperated on research projects in strategic sectors in the exact sciences, biomedical sciences, environment and energy, agriculture and agri-food, and aerospace and technologies applied to cultural goods to name but a few. All of these agreements have been a chief focus of the Embassy of Italy. 

Mexican exports to Italy include vehicles, crude oil, lead minerals, petro-chemicals. On the other hand, Mexico also imports pharmaceutical products, nuclear reactor equipment, boilers, machinery, and some precious metals. About 1,600 Italian companies do business in Mexico.

The Mexican Federal Secretary of Tourism counted some 83,000 entrances of visitors of Italian origin in just 2021. Such numbers will likely increase with recovery from the 2020/21 pandemic.

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