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Metro Olivos

Metro Olivos
Photo: GAED on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Olivos is an elevated station on Metro Line 12. It’s the first station on Line 12 in the Tláhuac alcaldía. It’s named for the neighborhood of Olivos what was named for the olive groves cultivated here as part of the Tolentino Hacienda. The old hacienda is only visible in the ruins near to Metro Tezonco, and today part of the San Lorenzo Tezonco Cemetery. The cemetery and ruins are just a few minutes walk back to Tezonco.

The station is the neighborhood station for both Olivos, and the neighborhood of Las Arboledas to the north of the station.

The olive groves of Tláhuac are today a bit further east, especially around San Juan Ixtayopan and in parts of Xochimilco. Entirely imported from Europe, the first records of olive cultivation in Mexico date from 1531. Your best bet for sampling Mexican olive oil likely will come at one of the food and culture festivals, either in Tláhuac or nearby in Tulyehualco in Xochimilco.

Metro Olivos is also convenient to the Tezonco Campus of the Mexico City Atonomous University. The campus is nearly in the shadow of the Yuhualixqui volcano which is visible, to the north, from the Olivos station.

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Casa de Cultura Los Olivos

Nearest at 0.17 kms.

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Tío Froy

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