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Metro Balbuena


How to get here


Mercado Unidad Kennedy

Nearest at 0.64 kms.

Mercado Luis Preciado de la Torre

Nearest at 0.68 kms.

Metro Boulevard Puerto Aéreo

Nearest at 0.76 kms.


Metro Observatorio

Metro Observatorio is the end of the line in the city's west, but don't let that stop you.

Metro Tacubaya

At home in one of the city's strongest counter-cultural scenes, Metro Tacubaya is still rocking.

Metro Juanacatlán

Monarch butterflies return every year to Juanacatlán in Jalisco.

Metro Chapultepec

Close to the park and in the middle of everything, you'll be surprised what a weekend looks like from here.

Metro Sevilla

Not just the "other" Zona Rosa station, Sevilla serves a big swathe of Roma Norte and Juárez

Practical guide and services