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Mercado Luis Preciado de la Torre

Mercado Luis Preciado de la Torre


The Mercado Luis Preciado de la Torre may seem one of the most improbably placed of Public Markets in Mexico City. Serving the Moctezuma neighborhood, it’s square in the center of a traffic circle on the Avenida Emilio Carranza. Emilio was the great-nephew of the President Venustiano Carranza. He was a pilot and many of the streets in the area are named for pilots and early figures from the field of aviation.

  • Luis Preciado de la Torre was one of the first 13 pilots to receive a Diploma in Aviation from President Carranza. He flew with Carrancista forces during the Mexican Revolution. A street named for him also meets the Glorieta de Aviación which encircles the market.

The market is a neighborhood center, and part of the larger Moctezuma commercial district. It’s also home to some 130 vendors. Among these are many preparing and serving fresh food every day.

It’s important for international visitors to not overindulge in street food, which can be heavier and greasier. In the market, people are preparing much safer and healthier foods. (We put together a quick guide to market eating, here).

Eating at the Mercado Luis Preciado de la Torre means you’re paying less and likely eating a lot healthier. You’re also supporting independent and small businesses, and even farmers who are not that far off.

How to get here


Metro Moctezuma

Nearest at 0.46 kms.

Mercado Unidad Kennedy

Nearest at 0.50 kms.

Metro Balbuena

Nearest at 0.68 kms.


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