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Mercado Santa Cruz Meyehualco

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The Mercado Santa Cruz Meyehualco is on the broad streets of the Colonia of the same name. Don’t confuse it with the Pueblo Originario to the south, although international visitors will often see the two in the same afternoon.

This market has the difficult task of standing out in a neighborhood famous for hosting giant street tianguis, and a few of them.  These are, especially, in and around the neighboring Unidad Habitacional Vicente Guerrero, to the immediate west. But with streets this broad and well organized, one has to expect a truly great tianguis to spring up.

Many of the same vendors will also work some days in the streets immediately surrounding the market. It’s something of a community center, and a great place for prepared food too. International visitors get fresher and healthier food, while paying less, and supporting smaller businesses. You really can eat too many street tacos. And the market is often a lot less heavy and greasy. (There’s some tips for eating at the market here.)

The Mercado Santa Cruz Meyehualco is immiediately south of the Parque Cri-Cri. It’s only about 10-minutes walk from the southernmost point of the Santa Cruz Meyehualco Recreational Area, which is adjacent to the Parque Cuitláhuac. The Elena Poniatowska Cultural Center is just across the street.


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