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Mercado de la Bola & Colonia Ajusco

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Mercado de la Bola
Photo: Areromm on Wikimedia Commons


The Mercado de la Bola is known officially as the Mercado Ajusco Montserrat. It’s among the most beloved of city public market places. The successful result of the enclosing and transforming the old city-streets tianguis, it’s been, famously, one the most picturesque markets ever since.

Slightly bigger than anything around it, the Mercado de la Bola stands out for it enormous red domed roof. It’s also somewhat equally notorious for the ease with which patrons get lost inside it. Typical in many ways, with vendor after vendor of vegetables, meat, fruit, piñatas, cheese, cream, and more, it’s easily the biggest and best stocked in its area.

Like any market in Mexico City, the Mercado has established premises inside in two sections: the center is occupied by food, butcher and greengrocer stores. On most of the outside area are more general vendors.

Outside stands are mobile and will come and go depending on the days of the week. The Mercado de la Bola is also very well-regarded for having some of the first-ever cultural activities organized by the vendors themselves. Musical groups of the “Vive Bola”can still be heard on irregular days, and make it a unique and lively place for lunch or for shopping.

The Ajusco Neighborhood

Ajusco is perhaps most famous for it’s fertile volcanic soil, which is nonetheless difficult to till. With two well-loved Catholic churches, it’s primarily a residential area, but for the long commercial corridor of avenida Aztecas. Locals call it avenida de las Torres, for the electrical towers than line much of its span.

How to get here
  • Mixtecas e, Reyna Ixtlixóchitl 118, Ajusco, Coyoacán, 04300 CDMX



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