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Mercado Ampliación Tepepan

The Mercado Ampliación Tepepan is the neighborhood market for the south of Tepepan and its numerous neighborhood extensions. It’s nearly on the border with Santa Cruz Xochitepec to the south. And this part of Tepepan starts to slowly climb the lower slopes of the Cerro de Xochitepec. Omnipresent in both towns, the mountain just makes the landscape that much more interesting. Especially from the little market.

It’s not the biggest, but for cleanliness and quality, it’s actually surprisingly welcoming. A 2017 UAM study counted some 68 merchants here. Seasonal vendors can significantly increase that number. That will be especially true outside, but among all of these, there are always a good handful preparing food for sit-down service. It’s a remarkable place to eat.

International visitors end up getting far fresher food here than in a street stand or restaurant. It’s also better for you. You’re helping small local businesses and farmers, and paying less too. It’s a great deal.

The Mercado Ampliación Tepepan is about equidistant between the churches of Santa María Tepepan and Santa Cruz Xochitepec at about 2.5 kms from each. For those scaling the Xochitepec mountain, or coming back down, it can be a great place to find yourself.

How to get here
  • Calle Bufalaga, Ampliación Tepepan, Xochimilco, 16029 CDMX


Pueblo Tepepan, Xochimilco

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La Noria Light Rail

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