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Galeria Licenciado


Licenciado opened in 2015 as one of the freshest galleries in Colonia Roma’s lightening rod art scene. Since then, the gallery consolidated as an independent platform for visual art vision and voice.

Showcasing emerging creatives from all over the world, Licenciado been able to identify, cultivate, and exhibit works of art. Many of these have presented even startling new creative visions and narratives. The gallery launched and advanced the careers of a small stable of artists while maintaining a solid place in Mexico City’s solid fine arts community.

The gallery’s hung works in a number of venues. Paseo de Reforma and Bucarelli are just two of the most memorable. Now at home in solidly ribald Roma, they’re in good company. Part of the 2021 Gallery Weekend, almost weekend will find art scene notables hob-nobbing in or near the gallery’s front door.

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Galería Vórtice

Nearest at 0.04 kms.

Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura

Nearest at 0.08 kms.

Cachorro Galería

Nearest at 0.13 kms.


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