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La Romita Chapel

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How to get here
  • Pl. Romita 30, La Romita, Roma Nte, Cuauhtémoc, 06700 CDMX
  • 55 5207 7700


Casa de Cultura Romita

Nearest at 0.03 kms.

Plaza La Romita

Nearest at 0.03 kms.

Multiforo Alicia

Nearest at 0.19 kms.


Centro Cultural Teatro 1 & 2

A major center for Musical Theater and a monument to a resiliante spirit...

Plaza La Romita

A favorite little neighborhood for its long history as an area apart.

Mercado Juárez

A neighborhood market on the cusp of several neighborhoods.

Multiforo Alicia

The rock club that set Roma on edge, Alicia's still going strong a quarter-century later

Metro Cuauhtémoc

On the outskirts of the City center, however you find it, it's the Metro with a market.

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