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Embassy of Honduras in Mexico City

The Embassy of Honduras in Mexico City is one of the more important diplomatic outposts in the Mexican capital. The two countries have maintained relations since independence from Spain, and both share very similar histories.

Formal diplomatic relations came to be in 1879. Dr. Marco Aurelio Soto was leader of Honduras and Porfirio Díaz led Mexico. By 1908, they’d each opened missions in each other’s capitals and elevated them both to embassies in 1943.

The two countries are parties to several important bilateral agreements, including those on Tourism, Drug Trafficking, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, and Educational and Cultural Cooperation. The Free Trade Agreement of the Northern Triangle counts both countries as signatories. Honduras exports auto parts, seafood, cotton, lead, palm oil, coffee and textiles to Mexico. Mexico sends electronics, leather; avocados, and medicines along with other goods, south to Honduras.

But the most complex issues concerns immigration that has seen hundreds of thousands of Honduran people cross Mexican territory to escape violence in Honduras. Both governments cooperate to provide legal and humanitarian assistance to them. In 2018, some 640 Honduran citizens became residents of Mexico, and this number is expected to continue to rise.

Mexico and Honduras regularly high level meetings, and the Embassy of Honduras in Mexico City always plays an important role in such visits.

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