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Gran Terraza Coapa

The Gran Terraza Coapa opened as one of the biggest shopping centers in already shopping-centric Coapa in 2019. It’s a broad and spacious space for shopping and strolling. To the delight of many, it’s pet friendly too.

The complex design includes two underground parking levels and three levels of shopping. That’s means it’s about 63,000 square meters of retail space on a footprint of about 17,000 square meters. The project also includes a big recreation area around the central corridor. It’s some 32 meters wide and nearly 500 meters long.

The project was overseen by the Spanish architectural and engineering group, IDOM with local Grupo Gigante. A former supermarket chain itself, Gigante transformed a former supermarket and its accompanying giant parking lots into the new space beginning in 2016. The project has been especially praised for the upscale indoor-outdoor food and dining area.

Gran Terraza Coapa is anchored by the Soriana supermarket and the Cinépolis movie theater. But for residents of the area, it’s a safe place for indoor strolling or even for walking the dog. It competes directly against the Galerías Coapa, roughly a 15-minute walk to the north along the Canal de Miramontes. But the main façade of the Terraza is along the Calzada Acoxpa. That arguably raises the profile of the Calzada into what is likely the second most important street in the area.

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Mercado Villa Coapa

Nearest at 0.22 kms.

Galerías Coapa

Nearest at 0.96 kms.

Paseo Acoxpa

Nearest at 1.20 kms.


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