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Francisco Xavier Clavijero Library (Ibero)


The Francisco Xavier Clavijero Library is part of the Universidad Iberoamericana. Considered one of the best in Mexico, the library serves Mexico City’s largest Jesuit university and it’s wide and growing community.

The historical heritage of the collection includes more than 90,000 volumes of old and rare books. The general collection includes some 240,000 printed books under universal themes and available to students and scholars. The library also maintains electronic articles from periodicals. The Eusebio Kino library has specialized in topics of philosophy and theology. The Francisco Xavier Clavijero Library also maintains a special collections of maps, large format books, exhibition catalogs, and books in digital formats that registered users can consult over the internet.

Universidad Iberoamericana

The Universidad Iberoamericana is known to Mexico City residents as La Ibero. A private institution, the university is made up of two campuses in Mexico City and in Tijuana. Other campuses in the country are in León, Puebla and Torreón but operate independently from Ibero Mexico City. All the schools are part of the Jesuit University System of Mexico, as is the Technological Institute and Higher Studies of the West (ITESO, in Guadalajara, Jalisco) and the Ayuuk Intercultural Superior Institute (in Jantepec de Candoyoc, Oaxaca).

Although all Ibero schools share the same educational principles and philosophy, they’re autonomous institutions, administratively, financially, and in terms of labor policy. This in such that each campus is in better condition to meet the characteristics and social, economic and environmental challenges of the different regions of the country.

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