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Parque de la Juventud

The Parque de la Juventud is a historic park that extends from the Alcaldía headquarters across the street. In addition to green spaces, it’s also home to the Teatro de la Juventud, a beloved theater especially catering to younger audiences .

In fact, many of the services offered by the alcaldía to local residents are within satellite offices scattered throughout this park. Most prominent among these are services to women and seniors, as well as legal advice. Because many of these services are housed in buildings edging onto the street, it’s actually one of the more secluded public parks in the city. Much stands entirely behind walls.

Though the park is best known for the Teatro de la Juventud, the park also hosts the open-air Foro de las Golondrinas, an outdoor amphitheater. The Templo Mayor skatepark is another super popular attraction especially for young people.

The esplanade out front of the theater is also a popular plaza for informational sessions and smaller official functions. Most major observations by the Álvaro Obregón government are held in the Parque de la Bombilla. But here, with a big multi-purpose room, the theater, and the grounds of the rest of the park, residents find a pleasant environment for most of their transactions.

Because the Parque de la Juventud is a bit more secluded than its counterpart across the street, the hours are also a little more limited.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get here
  • Calle 10 132, Col. Tolteca, Alc. Álvaro Obregón, 01150 CDMX


Teatro de la Juventud

Nearest at 0.20 kms.

Parque Batallón de San Patricio

Nearest at 0.22 kms.

Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón

Nearest at 0.27 kms.


Teatro de la Juventud

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