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Teatro de la Juventud

The Teatro de la Juventud, literally the Youth Theater, is one of the main performance spaces in the west side of Mexico City. The theater is especially famous, as the name implies, for productions catering to younger audiences.

Situated within the Parque de la Juventud, the theater is part of the larger Álvaro Obregón local government complex. The esplanade out front of the theater often serves as a public space for government functions as well as for events related to theater productions. These are sometimes held in conjunction with events in the giant multi-purpose room that shares the same entryway plaza. (Most major productions and commemorations marked by the local government are held at the Parque de la Bombilla outside of the old Álvaro Obregón administrative building. Today, that’s a theater too.)

During the 2023, the alcaldía performed extensive renovations. Originally opened in 1989, the 40+ year old theater has hosted plays, operas, concerts, dance recitals, and major assemblies of all kinds. With a ten-meter projection screen, today it’s used for all kinds of screenings and films.

The 2023 renovations included renewal of the the façade and the extensive lobby facilities. The façade is itself among the most recognized in this part of the city.

How to get here
  • Calle 10 S/N, Col. Tolteca, Alc. Álvaro Obregón, 01150 CDMX


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