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Expo Reforma CANACO Ciudad de Mexico City

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Expo Reforma
Photo courtesy of the Expo Reforma website.

Expo Reforma is a surprisingly modest meeting and expo center in the Centro Histórico. Many visitors will find it intimate by international standards. Run by the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce, it’s technically called the Expo Reforma CANACO (Cámara de Comercio de la Ciudad de México) today.

With some 9,000 square meters of open air area and a wide open roof-top, it’s been the annual meeting place for a whole range expositions, conventions and business events. Because it’s not your massive international expo-zone, the cultural and culinary events that happen here are surprisingly attractive, even to the general public. Events tend to be well-attended. And the list of happenings going on here appeal to a broad range of the public.

As it’s also conveniently located, guest can arrive comfortably by public transport, including by the Metrobus, which stops just a block away on two different lines.


Proyecto Público Prim

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Edificio Mascota

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