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Cerro de Guerrero

Tepeyec National Park including Cerro del Guerrero in the mid-frame. The smaller Cerro de Tepeyac is just beyond. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Cerro de Guerrero is a small monogenetic volcano in the north of Mexico City. A part of the Sierra de Guadalupe mountain chain, it’s among the Sierra’s southernmost peaks, and it’s just north of the Basilica de Guadalupe. Some maps won’t distinguish it from the smaller Cerro de Tepeyac peak visible in the photo above.  Both peaks are part of the Tepeyac National Park.

The Cerro del Guerrero is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Among these are Santa Isabel Tola to the immediate west. The Colonia Gabriel Hernandez is to the immediate east, and the extension of this colonia hugs the northern slopes. Another thin neighborhood along the southeastern slopes is the Colonia Trionfo de la Republica.

Most of these neighborhoods have helped to contain continued infringement on the protected area of the park. Ecologically sensitive, they’re also unique and fragile natural areas.

Most international visitors will witness the Cerro del Guerrero on trips out of the north of the city, to the pyramids at Teotihuacán, for example. In fact, the ancient hill is an important part of the rapidly changing Indios Verdes area, too. Today, it’s more worth it than ever to stop and have a look around.

How to get here
  • Col Gabriel Hernández, Gustavo A. Madero, 07080 CDMX


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