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Antara Fashion Hall in Polanco

Antara Fashion Hall
Photo: Javier Do on Wikimedia Commons.

Polanco’s Antara Fashion Hall is one of the leading shopping centers in the Polanco area of the City. It was designed by renowned Mexican architect, Javier Sordo Madaleno and opened in 2006. The architect went on, some ten years later, to design the even more avant-garde Toreo Parque Central shopping center.

The mall is still associated with the rise of the Grenada neighborhood. This was for some time commonly referred to as the “New Polanco.” You may hear it thus described even today. The New Polanco was ultimately crowned by the Soumaya Museum when it opened in 2011. The neighborhood has continued thrive even as some of its seams have yet to be well-hidden.

One of the most prominent of these seams is, of course, the extensive Parque Lineal. The rail-to-trails-style runs directly behind and to the north of the shopping center.

With shops spread out over three stories, Antara Fashion Hall is usually home-base to some 100 shops, six (or so) gourmet restaurants, and a Cinemex multi-screen movie theater. With an indoor-outdoor pedestrian promenade, it’s open for business year-round. Heavy on fashion, interior design and home decorating, of course there’s jewelry, coffee, and solid places for lunch, too.

The mall also is the frequent host to concerts, expos and the like. And with your scattered assortment of cocktail lounges, clubs, and entertainment, shopping can, at long last, be fun again.

Turibus RoutesThe Turibus Polanco Circuit stops on the main esplanade facing the Avenida Ejército Nacional.



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