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Venustiano Carranza Parks

Though it's not widely known, Venustiano Carranza Parks are those you see on the way from the Mexico City Airport. And some of them are quite big. As they're near to the airport, they're also important for passengers stuck here on Mexico City's famous long layovers. Here's a list specific to what to do if you're waiting at the airport.

Venustiano Carranza is the youngest of Mexico City's 16 alcaldías. It was broken away from the central part of the City only in 1970. Today it's especially well known for its two extremes: the airport in the east, and the Merced Market(s) butting up against the Historic Center in the west. It's definitely "real Mexico City." It's home to a number of other important public markets. But it's the parks for which it's less-well known. In fact many of them are outstanding places to visit and explore.

From the nearby Peñon del Baño to the shining new, (and giant) Parque Gran Canal, it's a vibrant and often quite unexplored area of Mexico City.

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