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Tlalpan Original Settlements

The 11 Tlalpan Original Settlements are specially recognized neighborhoods and communities. Together, they map a fascinating historical and cultural vision of the south of Mexico City. They range from the ancient to the colonial, to just one founded in the 19th century.

A few in the north are almost subsumed within the urban area of Mexico City. Many more are scattered across the laps of the multiple volcanoes to the south. And all of these historical towns have some historical relationship with the colonial city of San Agustin de las Cuevas, today called the Centro de Tlalpan.

  • The listings below are intended to make it easier for you to visit more of them.
  • Listed separately, nearly all of them are also home to a public market. That's a reliable place to eat in nearly every town you visit.
  • More than ever, many of the original towns can today be visited from the Cuernavaca RR Bikeway which passes through some of the most important towns.

Each of the Tlalpan Original Settlements also has a unique character. It's something you'll only experience by visiting a few of them. And that's something invaluable for anyone traveling, or making a go of Tlalpan. It's as fascinating as any of the great southern regions of the Valley of Mexico.

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