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Capital Bus Temples Route

The Capital Bus Temples Route takes in a tremendous part of the Centro Histórico, and the Basilica de Guadalupe. It's the shortest on the Capital Bus itinerary, but you get all three central city tours for one price. All of them are hop-on-hop-off. Customers can use the route like a regular city bus but with the advantage of an internationally-friendly crew, and stops at all of Mexico City's biggest attractions.

The Temples route is so-named because in addition to the Basilica, it used to stop at the Church of San Hipolito, the site of some of the most festive celebrations on the 28th of each month. The saint's following is so immense that lots of City residents refer to it simply as the San Judas Church. Passengers who wish to visit should disembark at the Juarez Hemicycle and then cross the Alameda to the north and west.

To get to the Basilica, the bus leaves the center city and makes a stop at the famous Plaza Garibaldi. It then continues north along the Calzada de Guadalupe. The return, after a stop at the Basilica, is via the Calzada de Misterios. These two pilgrim routes have been trod for centuries by the devout, and that of Misterios is lined, even today with 18th century monuments to marking the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Capital Bus Center-South Route

Capital Bus Center-Polanco Route

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