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Álvaro Obregón

Álvaro Obregón is, in part, one of the big unknowns of Mexico City. Officially counting with San Ángel and the enormous Pedregal to the south, to lots of Mexico City residents it's sometimes more of a mystery than it should be.

With an area of some 96.17 square kilometers, the elongated shape of Álvaro Obregón means that a lot of it is still not well known. And road connections to the States of Mexico and Michoacán to the West seem to make it that much further away. The Triangulo mountain is its highest point and that of course is surrounded by forest.

Named for the revolutionary war hero, Álvaro Obregón was actually assassinated within the alcaldia's boundaries. With the Televisa San Angel movie studios and a wealth of neighborhoods, (257 colonias in all), it's an important part of the city. It also includes important neighborhoods in the Santa Fe area and rural towns like San Bartolo Ameyalco and Santa Rosa Xochiac.

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