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Public Art/Monuments

Mexico City is full of public art & monuments, sculptures, and installations. In fact, for hundreds of years, they've been piling up.

We've put a lot of effort into researching and re-presenting many of them of here - in the hope that eventually you'll get a better understanding of who or what they commemorate, why they're here, and at least something of an understanding of what to make of each of them.

It will take us a while to get through all of them. Though that's part of the joy, there may never again be a chance to learn this much, to remember, and to learn about what's different today and why.

Mostly gone are the days of the cast bronze statue. Just the same, there's a lot to look at, and a lot to understand. From days gone by and from just the past few months, the public art & monuments you'll find here are like those in few other places on Earth.

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