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Utopia Papalotl

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How to get here
  • Reforma Económica 52, Col. Reforma Política, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09730 CDMX


Pueblo Santa Cruz Meyehualco

Nearest at 0.90 kms.

Santa María Aztahuacan

Nearest at 1.26 kms.


Utopía Cuauhtlicalli Aculco

A major cultural and sports facility in the west of Iztapalapa.

Utopia Quetzalcoatl

A major recreational development in the Quetzalcoatl Urban Development. . .

Utopia Libertad

Iztapalapa's most sustainable and eco-conscious Utopia . . .

Utopia Meyehualco, Iztapasauria

The Biggest Utopia yet and it's filled with Dinosaurs!

Utopia Olini

A sports-minded Utopia, Olini is today most famous for skating and gymnastics.

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