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San Juan Tepenáhuac


How to get here


Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Nearest at 0.03 kms.

Santa Ana Tlacotenco

Nearest at 1.30 kms.

San Jerónimo Miacatlán

Nearest at 1.51 kms.


Nearest at 3 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Villa Milpa Alta

The seat of local government, culture, and trade in Milpa Alta

San Pablo Oztotepec

One of the most scenic of Milpa Alta's 12 original villages, Oztotepec is a must visit on any tour of the region.

San Pedro Atocpan, Milpa Alta

One of Milpa Alta's most dynamic and traditional original towns, it's the Mexico City capital of mole.

圣巴托洛梅 希科穆尔科教堂及小镇

A beautiful place to start your trip into Milpa Alta...

圣奥古斯丁 奥滕科,米尔帕 阿尔塔

The youngest of the original towns in Milpa Alta, this one makes up for it with a massive balloon festival.

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