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Portal de Santo Domingo

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Portal evangelistasWhen Tenochtitlan fell to the Castilian troops of Hernán Cortés, the city was refounded with the western town planning of Alonso García Bravo. Leaving the free space of the plaza in front of the convent of Santo Domingo, the side facing west was destined for housing. By disposition of the Spanish Crown the owners of the lands that faced the city squares had to build portals where the population could take refuge. Since the 17th century, the portals of the Nativity or of the Old Coliseum stood on the Plaza of Santo Domingo. In the 18th century, these were changed without altering the harmony of the houses and the portal. By the 19th century, scribes relocated here to free up occupy part of the Portal of Merchants (Mercaderes) on the Zocalo. Since then, the space was renamed the "Portal of the Evangelists" remembering Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who are remembered in the act of writing.

Heart of Mexico Walking Routes: Santo Domingo - Santa Catarina

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  • Santo Domingo 4-12, Centro Histórico, Cuauhtémoc, 06010 CDMX


Plaza de Santo Domingo

Nearest at 0.04 kms.

Old Customs Palace (SEP)

Nearest at 0.05 kms.


Señor de la Expiración Chapel

A remarkable chapel on the edge of the Plaza de Santo Domingo . . .

Plaza de Santo Domingo

One of Central Mexico City's most important historic plazas . . .

Old Customs Palace (SEP)

The old customs building today shows off some the SEP's extensive art collection.

Santa Catarina Church & Plaza, La Lagunilla

One of the most dramatic of old Baroque temples in the City, this one is the parish church of La Lagunilla.

Palace of the School of Medicine / Palace of the Inquisition

Still one of the most magnificent of center city palaces, that of the Inquisition is not one to miss.

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