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Metro Los Reyes

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metro Los Reyes


Metro Los Reyes is the penultimate station on Mexico City’s Line A. For international visitors, it’s mostly important as a stop on your way to the Los Reyes Laz Archaeological Site. Even with all the trappings of a modern, commuter station, in facts, it’s all within the territory of a thousand-year-old community. The pyramid is about a 20-minute walk south and west of the station.

To get there, guests should try to pass the municipal palace, and the 16th-century La Paz parish church. They’re both immediately south of the Metro although you’ll want to bear slightly to your left. The former church atrium now constitutes the municipal esplanade, as is common in small towns throughout Mexico. Also as is common, much of the town center is taken up by tianguis, open street stalls, and commerce. Much of the same is going on to the north of station too.

But south of Metro Los Reyes, one can also easily get a taxi, or moto-taxi. To the pyramid, it’s roughly a five-minute ride.

The station logo refers to the Three Wise Men, Los Reyes, the patron saints of the parish church, and thus of the town.

How to get here
  • Avenida Puebla, Los Reyes, La Paz, 56400 EDOMEX


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