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Metro Hangares

metro hangares Mexico City
Photo: GAED on Wikimedia Commons


metro hangares station logoMetro Hangares is one of the rare one-sided stations in the Mexico City Metro network. It principally serves the Colonial Federal, to the south. Everything to the north is airport.

The station briefly provided access to and from Airport Terminal 2. Most travelers will find the walk to Metro Pantitlán a little shorter. Those lugging baggage but determined not to take a taxi should consider Metrobús Line 4. 

One of the least used stations in the network, the Hangares name recalls the airport hangars that used to be in the area. With the 2007 opening of the second airport terminal, reconfigurations left few actual aircraft sheds in the area.

What was a brief renaissance for Metro Hangares was soon extinguished too. Pedestrian throughways to and from Terminal 2 have been closed for security reasons.

Nevertheless, the Colonia Federal remains a cool nearby attraction. As satellite and drone photography have proliferated, folks never seem to tire of Federal’s perfect spiderweb street layout. 16 spoke-like streets come together at en eight-sided park in the middle. With a cultural center, playground, and the nearby Mercado Federal, the neighborhood dates from the 1920s. All of those 16 spoke streets, and five more ring streets, bear the names of Federal Government departments. It’s a curious and rather successful urban layout, even despite totalitarian concerns over Foucault’s “panopticon.” Such concerns can be more directly considered at the National Archive. A few blocks away, the archive occupies the former Lecumberri Palace, a former prison of exactly the sort Foucault imagined.

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