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Metro Chilpancingo

Foto: Cocu15 en Wikimedia Commons



Metro Chilpancingo is named for the street above. In turn, that street is named for the capital city of the state of Guerrero, Chilpancingo de los Bravo, itself named with the Nahuatl word meaning “place of wasps.”

While you shouldn’t see many wasps, the Line 9 Metro station serves much of southern Hipodromo de Condesa, Roma Sur, and Escandon neighborhoods. It also provides a convenient way to arrive to the many sights, restaurants, nightspots, and entertainment venues in all of these neighborhoods.

As such, Metro Chilpancingo is often a first stop on the entire Mexico City metro for international visitors staying in the Roma-Condesa or Escandon areas. The Line 1 Metrobus station (of the same same) is immediately to the north of the four exits of the Metro station, in the center of the Avenida Insurgentes.

Because the Benito Juarez alcaldía begins just to the south (technically at the Viaducto cross town highway), the Metro Chilpancingo area plays a role as something like the button in the center of an axis bisecting both north and south, and east-west along Line 9 of the Metro. This is at most, a conceptual understanding of the area.


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Auditorio BB / Cine Las Américas

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San Jorge Orthodox Cathedral

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