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Mercado Lago Garda

Open - Limited Services / Capacity


The Mercado Lago Garda is in the Colonia Pensil San Juanico just a block or so west of the famous Avenida Marina Nacional. It serves a whole slew of local neighborhoods in the area. Technically named for its street, tthe street is, in turn, named for the lake in Italy’s Lombardy region. Other streets in the neighborhood are similarly named for great lakes of the world. But the biggest lake in Italy thus names one of the most important public markets in this part of Mexico City.

The market opened in 1957 during the boom of Mexico City market building. Since then it’s grown to be a powerhouse in this part of the City. Generations of kids have whiled away their childhoods in its aisles. And its fed thousands of families over the past 65 years.

A 2017 UAM study counted some 297 merchants in the market proper. Among all of them, there are a good handful offering sit-down service and handily prepared meals. It’s among the best Mexican food, and especially for travelers eating too much that’s heavy or greasy or simply alien.

Price are better and you’re supporting smaller businesses and even independent farmers. You’re also eating better.

The Mercado Lago Garda is a powerhouse for some of Mexico City’s densest and oldest urban territory.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How to get here
  • Calle Lago Garda 179-187, Col Peralitos, Miguel Hidalgo, 11440 CDMX


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