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Mercado Gabriel Hernández, Atzacoalco

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mercado gabriel hernandez
Photo: Alcaldía Gustavo A. Madero

The Mercado Gabriel Hernández is one of the highlights of the lively Avenida Centenario in the City’s north. A focal point for the original town of Santiago Atzacoalco, it’s a fantastic place for lunch, or just to learn about the area. In fact, as the original town of Gustavo A. Madero go, this is one of the highlights.

A half-hour walk from Metro Martín Carrera, a bus or taxi will cut that to less than ten minutes. But probably most interesting of all, the Mercado Gabriel Hernández is just across the street from the giant Santiago Atzacoalco Temple & Graveyard complex. (You can see the spires in the photo above). It’s worth having a look around.

  • The General, Gabriel M. Hernández Márquez, is honored in the name of the neighborhood to the west of Santiago Atzacoalco. And here, in the name of the Market. He was appointed commander by Francisco I. Madero. He then fought in Yucatan, Puebla, Veracruz, Hidalgo and Morelos. With the rise of Victoriano Huerta in 1913, Hernández was arrested and imprisoned in the Belen jail, (at the corner of today’s Balderas and Juárez avenues in the City center). On March 26, 1913 he was executed by the illegitimate son of Huerta, Enrique Cepeda, who was Chief of Government of Mexico City at the time.

Eating at the market is always a treat. In this case, you’ve got the center of a very cool old town just across the street. But you also get fresh everything. And prepared food here is cooked with just the same fresh ingredients.

You’re also supporting local and independent small businesses – and farmers too. They’ll be glad to see you. And your stomach will be glad you came.

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