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Machete Galería de Arte Contemporáneo

machete galeria
Photo courtesy of the Machete Galería Facebook Page


Begun in Argentina in 2006, the Machete Galería was a project of Domitila Bedel and Fresia Carnota. Both come from a background consulting on art from the Latin American region.

Machete Galería opened its Mexico City doors in November 2012. The practice focuses on contemporary visual arts work from younger Latin American artists.

The gallery strives to represent artists of interesting creative processes and who thus best reflect upon their own contexts and historical moments. The aim is to get every artist with the gallery to express themselves through their own unique voice and formal solutions. Together the hope is that they present an inclusive and plural conversation.

The galleries exhibition program goes beyond artists exclusively represented to include work presented by curators who use the space to present their own projects and collaborative artists.

The Roma Norte space includes a special “back store” with works at affordable prices where new collectors are encouraged.

Machete Galería aspires to be a cultural tool. It’s one which serves whoever chooses it, to make one’s way and to orient oneself in the prolific world of contemporary art such that that a trip through that universe can be a rich and enjoyable experience. Along the way, one chooses, from the stimuli surrounding us, and stalk us, that which enriches us most, with no anxiety.

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