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La Lupita Chapel, Oztotepec, Milpa Alta


How to get here
  • Gólgota 3, Pueblo San Pablo Oztotepec, Barrio San Juan, Alc. Milpa Alta 12400 CDMX


Zapatista Barracks Museum

Nearest at 0.09 kms.

Mercado San Pablo Oztotepec

Nearest at 0.12 kms.


Casa de Cultura Tepecuitlapa

A cultural center in combination with the town tianguis...

Tianguis de San Bartolomé Xicomulco

A classic neighborhood market in San Bartolomé

Zapatista Barracks Museum

A glimpse into the lives of the Revolutionary Zapatista Army, a museum in Milpa Alta is not to be missed.

San Martín Plaza, Chapel and Kiosk in San Pedro Atocpan

A magnificent little chapel dedicated to Saint Martin, it's often enough painted bright pink.

El Tepozteco National Park

One of the country's most spectacular national parks takes up a massive part of the south of the City.

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