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La Casa de los Azulejos

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The land was acquired by the Counts of the Valley of Orizaba. In 1653, the fifth countess rebuilt the palace to give it its present appearance. When the Avenida 5 de Mayo was widened in 1904, a new façade was added. In the main patio, the upper corridors are supported by tall and slender columns. A beautiful Baroque fountain stands out. In the stairway a tile baseboard is preserved. In the landing, the mural Omnisciencia was painted by José Clemente Orozco in 1925. It was a steam baths, Jockey Club of the city, and the Casa del Obrero Mundial. When the patio was transformed into a central dining room, it was endowed with a  mural by the Romanian painter, Pacologue, Since 1918, it has functioned as a pharmacy, soda fountain, and restaurant owned by Sanborns.

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Proyecto “Corredor de Cultura Digital”.

Nombre de la investigación: Investigación Centro Histórico, Monumentos, Edificios y Puntos de Interés (2023)

Dirección de investigación y diseño de Rutas: Acércate al Centro A.C. Guadalupe Gómez Collada

Coordinación e investigación histórica: Fideicomiso del Centro histórico Dir. Maestra Loredana Montes

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